Garden of Evan – A Sensory Story Book by Samantha Grierson Schwarz – Book review

Illustrated by Deborah Wilson

The Garden of Evan Charity was organised in memory of the authors lovely son Evan Louis Schwarz – with the aim of raising funds to provide much needed sensory equipment for children with additional support needs. This book was their first launched, and I’ve no doubt having read it, that it will be a great success.

What a beautifully colourful book this is! Packed full of some brilliant and clear illustrations with clear bold wording – it is fabulously user friendly. Follow Charlie as he goes on a journey of discovery in the amazing surroundings of Evans garden. So well thought out!

You might ask what is a ‘Sensory Book’ ? .. The book explains all clearly, and in detail for you. As well as the clear illustrations and wording, the sensory story gives prompts to physical stimuli to the persons learning experience. It explains very easily other senses often misunderstood or that we are not often thinking of on top of the usual five; sight, touch, taste, smell and sound.

I love the clear way it explains that by working more of our senses, you are actually strengthening them. Each page has a brief prompt that lets the reader know which sensory action to take. Each prompt is then explained in full detail on the Sensory Chart at the back of the book. It’s brilliant! Everything is worked out for you, in such detail that you can also improvise and think of your own other ideas. The book helps you to create your own bespoke interactive experience. Genius !

It’s not often you find a book with a cool journey encapsulating all that nature offers in an easy vibrant way – so families with additional needs can resonate and make use of its content for both fun and learning.

It’s a really useful book that would be great to stock in educational settings. It’s great you have the sensory prompts and as a bonus in the middle is an additional interactive area of spot the difference to challenge minds and observation. Indeed this book would be useful for all children, not just those with additional support needs.

I can totally imagine this book being used in schools, and also parents, and families can join in with their loved ones as they immerse themselves in exploring all the senses and more. Also put it to great use during school holidays, that would be a lovely way to utilise the book as quiet family time.

Thoroughly recommend this book, I think it’s a great gateway to an immersive sensory experience. Enjoy!


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