Mickeypedia – The A to Z of an Autistic Savant by Mickey Mayhew

Mickey Mayhew was one of our fabulous Anna Kennedy Online Charity deserving Autism Hero Awards Winners at our Annual event in 2018, and what a night it was! If you’ve never been to one of our Awards nights then checkout this website for details of our next one this year https://www.autismheroawards.com/categories/

Infact Mickey showcases Dr Anna Kennedy OBEs words on the back cover of his book which gives you a very brief synopsis about Mickey. When you read this, you will definitely want to delve into the book to hear from the man himself!

Mickey is the most amazing talented person which is abundantly clear from this brilliant book – and it’s not the only one he’s written either. The book title and format are so clever, I was so very impressed. It totally negates any comments from those who’ve ever said neurodiverse people cannot be creative and imaginative! Well have a look at this book!

I’m so pleased I got to read it, it’s outstanding. I love how Mickey cleverly takes you through the alphabet, whilst drawing upon his own journey and experiences in each area. The book had me laughing out loud in so many parts, yet also feeling cross for Mickey in some instances.

I felt connected even more so for growing up in the same age group and era as Mickey. He took me back to many childhood memories watching ‘Chorlton and the Wheelies’ on tv and how life was different then. If you’re an autism family it also makes you realise that some things still haven’t changed, YET many things have.. if that makes sense?

His writing style felt so brilliantly ‘cool’ to me, and very conversational which I love, so much so that I couldn’t put the book down. Not only did I come away from reading this thinking how talented he is, but I could ‘feel’ the brilliance and amazing sense of humour he has. Who says those with autism have no sense of humour?! I beg to differ !!

His book gives you so many tips about different areas of autism with each chapter representing a letter of the alphabet. He then relates this subject into areas of his own life and how he experienced things. For example ‘S’ is for stimming which Mickey explains then relates his own experience of this in his life. It’s just a brilliant genius way of highlighting so many different aspects of autism, whilst you also get to learn of the struggles and successes Mickey has experienced.

I’ve never read a book like this before, it’s so unique, informative and relatable. You will find yourself immersed in areas of Mickeys life, you will cry, laugh out loud, get angry, be defensive for him, and feel a sense of being proud of the amazing guy he is.

Another must for all those with links to autism, families, carers and professionals alike. Mickey was going through his autism journey long before many people had heard or knew about it in the 1970s and 80s, and infact in the late 80s the film Rain Man was released which some people still to this day think is all autism is about. Mickey was faced with years of school exclusions in those decades sadly until one person finally signposted him the right way ..

Mickey is an amazing guy, an inspiring role model, and someone that everyone could learn something from. He very carefully, kindly, and expertly opens a window for you to dip into the World of Autism. He shows how with the right direction, a huge difference can be made to a persons whole life. In all honesty he was left for so long with little or no support and yet he never gave up, and finally with the right help together with his determination and talent, he has become a talented researcher, and an all round fabulous guy.

Well done to Mickey on an outstanding book, combining a valuable alphabetical resource of information with his own journey through life. An absolute true example of sheer excellence and a masterpiece!! Mickey you really put a huge smile on my face.

What you waiting for everyone, grab yourself a copy now!


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