‘The Doctor Will See You Now’ by Dr Amir Khan – Book Review

I first came across Dr Khan watching ‘GPs behind closed Doors’ with Chris my Mother In Law one evening. All the staff were lovely, but we both instantly loved Dr Khan, he was warm, caring, and had a lovely aura about him. I especially loved that he was a northerner, as I myself am from Leeds, and born on Yorkshire day! Northern Souls bond!

We’d come across the series by mistake browsing the tv for something different to watch. It looked interesting, let’s give it a go we thought. We were hooked within seconds. We recorded the series just in case we’d miss an episode, all the while waiting to see Dr Khan each time. ‘Where’s our Amir gone?’ we’d say until he appeared.

We were gutted when the series featuring his practice finished. At some point later I noticed he was launching a book. ‘I need that when it comes out!’ I told my husband Mark. Sure enough, I got the book, and was super excited to start reading it. Then life comes along with its busy winding road, and I’ve only just managed to read it. I wasn’t disappointed at all, and it was worth the wait.

It’s my kind of book. I love how Dr Khan talks openly and honestly about his life in a GPs practice. Each chapter is entwined with stories of some of his patients, and the day to day experiences of both him and his colleagues. It does make you realise there is ALOT more to what goes on at your GPs than just the regular 10 minute appointments we’ve all had. ALOT more. And at a time when the Country has been through challenging lockdowns, and are still in the midst of a pandemic, Dr Khans book really does make you think about how amazing GPs and the NHS are. They are a godsend to all of us.

Indeed Dr Khans book is one of true admiration for his profession and colleagues, and he really does enlighten you to understand better the role of a GP. It was so heartwarming to hear him talk about his patients in such a lovely warm manner, and having watched him on tv, I found myself reading the book ‘in his voice’ if that makes sense? Making it even more meaningful.

The way he is absolutely honest about how some situations made him feel, yet explaining how and why is important and truly admirable. He explained the highs and lows in great detail, and as a reader a book like this has the ability to touch you in such a way that you feel sad, or actually laugh along with it. Indeed I found myself laughing out loud to some parts; Dr Khan is naturally funny, and naturally calming which comes across in his patient consultation descriptions.

Our son Christopher has Autism, ADHD, learning difficulties and other conditions, so I wondered if I’d come across anything related to them in his book, if Dr Khan would cover any of these areas. I’m also a Charity Champion for Dr Anna Kennedy OBE and her autism Charity https://annakennedyonline.com/ so I was extremely happy to read Dr Khan tell his story of a young special needs patient and their family, and how he’d helped them. I had the biggest smile on my face as I read that having undergone an appointment in a familys car due to the youngsters special needs, he vowed to seek out change at his practice. A change that would mean reasonable adjustments were made for special needs visiting patients, going forward. This was Dr Khans initiative at his practice, and he was able to get the whole team there on board to bring about such change, to set up a system to help those with special needs – I also felt heartened to read he enlisted the help, advice and support from the family he did a consultation for in their car. Speaking to the family for their first hand experience was crucial. For this, I would like to thank Dr Khan from the bottom of my heart. As a special needs parent, it is people like Dr Khan who inspire and bring about change for the greater good; and I’ve no doubt the special needs community in his area are hugely grateful for his initiative. Thank you Dr Khan !

Dr Khan is truly an amazing advocate for GPs and the NHS. He really does fly the flag for them all, and not forgetting that he speaks highly of his patients too. He has been able to clearly describe how much his profession and patients mean to him, which actually makes you think about when you visit your own GP – you really are important to them and they do truly care. It’s easy to feel like a number, but with GPs like Dr Khan around, he is most definitely making a positive change for us all.

I really enjoyed the book, and I truly hope a follow up will ensue! A truly huge thank goodness for GPs, Dr Khan and the NHS – where would we honestly be without them?!


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