Asperger’s, Autism & You by Ian Hale, P.h.D.

I was instantly attracted to the cover of this book, partly as our autistic son loves the colour yellow – and the cover photo has plenty of yellow…. and partly because the scene intrigued me.

The synopsis on the back cover with reviews of Dr. Ian Hale subsequently made me think, yes …. this is a book I want to read!

Dr. Ian Hale has written extensively in this book about autism. The one thing which stands out from the outset, is that he himself is on the spectrum and he’s an amazing advocate and voice for our autism community.

It’s always great to read about someone who talks about something that they experience themselves firsthand. We’ve all had that person say to us ‘Oh he has autism? My best friends sisters daughters neighbour is autistic we know all about it’ …. of course it’s great to share ideas with each other, support can come from many different areas in many different forms. Yet it’s always that extra bit more special when it comes from someone who knows.. firsthand.

So step forward Dr. Ian Hale.. he ‘knows’. Being on the spectrum he has taken his experiences and expert knowledge, then put them into this book to help others. It’s a great resource for anyone who is connected with autism, and he explains from start to finish in an easy to read format.

It’s refreshing to read a book which imparts so much information in such an effective and simple way. I love the way Dr. Ian Hale starts with some history about autism, then takes you on a journey, highlighting many areas which are often not written about.

A book discussing openly different areas connected with autism, its genetic roots, tips, and topics that are often debated publicised and quoted by professionals – yet this is refreshingly honest and open from someone actually on the spectrum – combining both personal and scientific information.

I love the autism family tree, the way he talks about the science behind autism, right down to the selected reading and resources section, there’s something in this for everyone.

Grab yourself a copy, read the book including the reviews highlighted in the opening pages which show the reader how well received Dr. Ian Hales resource is. You won’t be disappointed, and I can assure you that it’s clear this highly intellectual author is not just an expert on autism, he is an expert at explaining simply and easily so the reader will understand.

Excellent book and author, I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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