Dysfunctional Hearts by L S Pullen – Book review

Having read this authors debut novel ‘Where The Heart Is’, I couldn’t wait for the next book to be published as I had become an instant fan of their writing style. Yes, as I’ve said before, although I have a kindle, I’m still a bit old school and love the thrill of holding that new book in my hand, along with the smell of new print, front cover design and synopsis on the back cover.

Soon enough, ‘Dysfunctional Hearts’ was released by L.S.Pullen, and I couldn’t wait to order my copy. I was extremely excited because it would involve two characters mentioned in the debut novel; Charlie Broadbent and Sophie Taylor. From their initial meeting in the debut novel, you could sense there would be a journey of some kind and indeed this would be true..

The new style front cover drew my attention in and I loved it. I delved straight in and couldn’t put the book down. The book is so cleverly written following on seamlessly from ‘Where the Heart Is’ and does not disappoint! Charlie was one of those characters you could sense as being a cheeky chappie, but as you knew he was Nates best mate, you knew he would be likeable and a great guy. You couldn’t help but fall for Charlie as he would make you laugh, cry .. and yes angry at one point .. yet you still felt a pull to like him.

Indeed Charlie and Sophie were to travel an incredibly heartwarming and real journey that took you on a ride of different emotions. Sophie had her own history to which anyone reading would find incredibly hard not to have deep empathy with. This book was a true love story, and a book of learning how everyone had their own background, their own past, and how they could tentatively move out of the present, and attempt to dip their toes into the water of the future. This was a book of showing how it is is possible to succeed after adversity, and to come through from the darkness to the light.

The story truly pulls at your heartstrings, and did not disappoint with its different turns on a winding path of adventure. A story that makes you realise certain things about life, and yourself, and although of course you hope for a happy ending, I really loved the way it wasn’t straightforward and predictable as so often some books are.. this most definitely was original and would have you on the edge of your seat.

The chemistry between Charlie and Sophie is strong and I would definitely recommend grabbing yourself a copy.. you will be so pleased you did!

A great story, great front and back cover, and I truly believe this author is one to follow. With two books published, and great reviews, you won’t be disappointed. So.. go grab her books now !



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