Aspergerworld: My Fairy Jam Jar – By Joely Williams formerly Colmer. Book Review

As a Charity Champion, I first came across this book some time ago at one of our Autism Charity Expos at Brunel University. I LOVE the Expos as there’s always something new to learn, and this years was no exception; check our autism charity dedicated Expo website for details. I actually wrote notes for this article before listening to Joely on our first ever online Expo some time ago …. and let me tell you, this lady is fabulous and is super interesting to listen to, and the same goes for her written work.


I had always heard great things about this book, and about the amazing author Joely.


Joely is an amazing young lady, a World and National Award winning autism activist who has Asperger’s syndrome.  If I hadn’t read her book before, then after listening to her inspirational presentation at our Expo, I most definitely wanted to! Joely held the audience captive, she was a truly positive and motivational speaker, and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, as did the audience – you could of heard a pin drop whilst she spoke, amazing.

So, I immediately put Joelys book title on my ‘to read’ list. And.. I think it was meant to be, that I got to meet and chat to Joely at our Charity disability fun day – she had set up a welcoming stall at our event encouraging viewer interaction and thoughts. I was really impressed with this, and saw the opportunity to grab my copy of her book without fail this time. As luck would have it, I was able to pose for a photo with Joely on receipt of a copy of her book.


This book is fabulously fantastic, there’s no other way to describe it. Joely has written the most incredible words, with such an in depth first hand knowledge and experience of aspergers on the autism spectrum. Packed full of information, guidelines, help, suggestions and the most stunning illustrations which goes to show that Joely is not only a talented writer, she is also an amazing artist. The various drawings in the book are all by Joely hereself and are incredibly beautiful, intricate pieces of art. Fabulous!

This is an immense resource of a true honest insight into her World.  I would implore everyone who is connected with autism in some way to spend time reading this book; it not only explains first hand how Joely experiences life, but how she has come to embrace the beautiful person she is. She takes you on a journey of understanding, acceptance and awareness, with reams of enlightenment to help, guide and inspire you.

Whether you are autistic yourself, or if you know of someone on the spectrum, this book with help you in so many different ways. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone within the SEN (special educational needs) world, parents, families, teachers, SENCOs, teaching assistants, local authorities, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, cognitive behavioural therapists, doctors, lecturers, nurses, autism charities organisations, advocates, employers and more – ALL would truly benefit from studying this amazing piece of work by Joely.


This would be an amazing book to case study and feed back on for those intending to work within care professions that come into contact with those on the autism spectrum. A book which should be a MUST read for those going through a diagnosis for themselves, or in the process of this for a loved one, whether a child or adult.

This gives you tools, strategies and a true life account of someone who has overcome so much, someone who has explained how and why she has arrived at where she is now. Quite often you find there are many specialists accounts of what to / not to do, with few ‘real life’ accounts – this is therefore a unique opportunity to draw upon real life experiences and feelings of someone on the spectrum.  As a female, I found myself seeing similarities along the way, it’s possible to identify with different areas; the book has the ability to make you do more than think outside the box. It makes you get rid of the box and puts yourself right front and centre of someone on the spectrum.  It takes you on an emotional journey, through various different challenges from communication to sensory from childhood, with a true honest account of personal experiences which are quite often rare to read about when explained with such enthusiasm.

I particularly enjoyed a beautiful poem Joely herself wrote which features in the book entitled ‘Comfort in the Night Sky’ –    When sensory overloads, drive me crazy, Looking up into space, is where you’ll find me.. A beautiful descriptive way of immersing yourself in a special interest whilst calming and relaxing you, in a creative way.

It is clear that Joely has admirably drawn on her own experiences and expertly used them to write this professional and motivational account, useful for absolutely everyone. If you have chance to, please grab yourself a copy of her book, take your time as I did, savour each section and immerse yourself in the most incredible World of autism. Joely has managed to successfully highlight the many positive aspects of autism – in a very personable way, so what’s not to like ?! Go buy it !! 


Since completing this article, I discovered that Joely has written yet another book which sounds just as, if not more amazing entitled ‘Mindful Activity Book’ .. It’s on a whole new other level, and I think that it’s a new book on my list to get hold of .. sooner rather than later.. One things for certain, Joely is a talented author, illustrator and presenter. Checkout her books for yourself on her link above, you will love them!




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