Hearts of War by L S Pullen – Book Review

Firstly before I write my review, there’s just one thing I want to say about this book; WOW WOW WOW !!

This is by far the BEST book I have ever read. It truly captured my attention from the very first page. It was the perfect book for me, it had everything in it you wanted and more. It was a true historical love story, set in one of my favourite ever decades I love to learn about. I have being studying my family tree for over 16 years and am enthralled with the past. This book took me on a journey to the past and the author was so clever enabling me to vividly picture the characters and places so clearly in my mind. A real gem!

Annalise Dubois is such an amazing character, she’s a strong thoughtful woman, and someone to admire. She’s joined the war effort and encounters Reuben who is a character with depth, courage, sensitivity and many layers. The two of them alongside all the other characters portray a story of love, history, danger, intrigue, excitement, and surviving adversity.

I simply can’t do this book the justice it deserves in my review. I couldn’t put it down, it’s by far the quickest I’ve ever read a book as I couldn’t wait to read what happened next. The plot lines are absolutely incredible, the historical facts and the way the author describes the times the story delves into is just magical. I was right there with the characters every step of the way. A very sad time in history, and a time where people have to overcome so many challenges.

You totally fall in love with Reuben and the characters and storyline leave you gasping and desperately turning the page over to learn more. War changes everything as the author cleverly and expertly writes about, and my goodness I really felt I had travelled back in time and was taking part in Ana and Reubens lives. Even towards the end of the book I gasped as I was desperate to find out what happens to them both, and the cliffhangers throughout really got me!

I couldn’t stop talking about this book for days after, it really embedded itself in my mind and heart, and I could truly stand up and talk about it all day long! It really captured everything I needed it to and more.


As I said at the start, WOW WOW WOW, by far the BEST book I’ve ever read👌🏼so what you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy ASAP!


One thought on “Hearts of War by L S Pullen – Book Review

  1. lspauthor

    Thank you so much. Hearts of War will always have a very special place in my heart, and I’m so glad it resonated with you as I had hoped. Thank you ❤

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