Where the Heart Is – by L.S.Pullen Book Review

I’ve always loved reading, there’s many different styles and genres of books I am interested in. Biographies, autobiographies, fiction, non fiction, you name it. I love a good book!

I might be old school, yes I have a kindle, but I must be totally honest; I truly love a real actual book. I love to hold a book in my hands, I like look of it, the smell of it – and for ME the front cover is a MUST to attract my attention, the very next thing is the back outer cover with brief synopsis giving you a small insight into the book, dipping your toe so to speak into the story.


So when I first saw the cover reveal of ‘Where the Heart Is’ I was immediately interested.. it grabbed my attention straight away.. then when I read the back cover I KNEW it was a book for me! When I managed to grab myself a copy of this debut novel I truly wasn’t disappointed at all.

The book had me on a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish, and even now I must admit I find myself missing all the characters in the book. The magic of parts of the story link very cleverly with the cover, and how it features in some of those beautiful memories you will discover. You will resonate with parts of the book, as the characters are both strong yet vulnerable, you will come to love Nate and care about Flick.

The book delves into the lives, friendships and love between two central characters Nate and Flick. I love how it enables the reader to experience each step of the way from the perspective of both characters, a truly clever and enlightening journey for all. You begin wanting to know more about why the characters are the way they are, ‘the secret’, and how they come to open their hearts and move forward from some devastating past experiences.

Along the way, the author cleverly invites you to learn more about related characters to Nate and Flick, as you start to feel a part of their extended family, literally willing them all to move in certain directions. I became sad in some parts as the descriptive style was so authentic and true to life, to angry with characters when they reacted in a certain way, then to jubilation at great sensitive endearing moments.  You may also find yourself as I did; smiling and relating to parts of the book as it pulls on your heart strings and jolts your own memories of things gone by.  I have never before read a book with such brilliantly written cliff hangers, and I have been on the edge of my seat so many times from start to finish, so much so, I could barely put it down.

I felt my heart emphatically moving along with the story, a journey of true love over adversity, of friendship, hardship and an insight into the lives of two soulmates you find yourself becoming attached to. The style of writing is all enveloping, it catches your breath one moment with a sensitive personal moment, then awakens your senses as you begin to feel the emotions.  True bliss.


As a debut novel this is an amazing and expertly written book, it’s authenticity fills you with a sense of true integrity.  So much so you would think the author has penned a hundred or more books already at the very least. I am now eagerly awaiting further novels from this author. I had so many questions along the way, and I loved the way the author walked you through every step of the way to discover the answers, through every key stage of their lives as they learn to accept and love themselves again .. and more. I finished the book with a smile, feeling hopeful and happy for their future.

And .. what of the other characters .. well I understand this is not the last we have heard of them. I was excited and inspired to read in the ‘Letter to the Reader’ that there are two more novels on the horizon. YES! All three books are described as being stand alone, and promise to help you understand and link together as you will how each character and story has developed.

L.S. Pullen has such a true precious talent to be admired, embraced, encouraged and to be inspired by.  Talent proving they have many years ahead of writing, pleasing and delighting readers. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all, I am an instant fan and can’t wait for more.

See below website links on the author, and where to obtain the book / kindle edition. What are you waiting for – Go meet Nate and Flick.. and Enjoy!


Amazon UK

Amazon US



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