‘Doing the Dabb’

‘Dabb is a popular dance where you bend your arm 90 degrees and bend your head into the bent arm’

In our house ‘Doing the Dabb’ isn’t just a dance move.  Oh yes of course our son CH has showed us how to do the move, many times, putting a huge smile on our faces.  He usually says ‘I’m an expert at it now Mumble, I think you guys need to practice more!’

Infact, we ‘Do the Dabbs’ every night.. every single night.  It’s part of our routine.  But not in the way that you probably think …. well not quite.  It’s kinda cute really to us, a ‘family thing’ that makes us smile, it’s our thing.  Yes.  It’s now actually a serious part of CHs bedtime routine.  An important part.

We don’t just ‘Do the Dabbs’.. We do; The ‘Margaret Dabbs’ 🙂 Curious?  Well let me tell you more..

I first came across Margaret Dabbs one day whilst flicking through the tv, and it popped up on the QVC shopping Channel .. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!  I was engrossed in the presentation, and haven’t looked back since.  Margaret Dabbs is a popular foot and hand treatment brand, I’d never heard of it before.

I suffer with plantar fasciitis and suffered various challenges with my feet for the last few years, (nothing really yucky 😉 don’t worry) so I decided it was time to give this brand a go.  Reaching another milestone in my life (think Hawaii five-O), I thought why not treat myself on my birthday to some ‘Dabbs’ as our family now calls it.  I thought give it a go, nothing to lose.

Being on my feet a lot during the day, both at work as Front of House and as a busy autism Mum, I rarely get the chance to put my feet up, so the high hopes I had for this brand to deliver were pretty big.  I initially went with the Foot Hygiene cream and Powder, and started using it immediately. WOW is all I can say.  After forgetting I had used the cream the first night, when I got up I instantly felt a difference. What’s happened to my feet I thought?!  I had become so used to suffering and ‘getting on with it’, I couldn’t believe the transformation.  Dabbs had instantly made such a difference, so much so, that I felt lighter on my feet, the difference walking was huge. The appearance of my feet was smoother, they looked dare I say it.. healthier. Going to bed and waking up with a refurbished pair of feet was just what I needed.

The foot powder was next. It was fine and delicate, and oh my it smelt like lemon sherbet, taking me back to my youth; was there no end to the surprises with this brand already?!  The next Dabbs step for our family was huge. Here’s where our CH got involved!

Let’s try it on CHs feet, I said:-) As you already know, our CH is autistic, has hypermobility, and always seemed to have problem feet. With autism, and sensory challenges he could be highly picky in so many areas, so I wasn’t sure what he would say.  Would he even let me touch his feet?  I literally have a battle on my hands to cut his toe nails even when he’s in the bath, or even helping him with his socks.  So this was a BIG decision, no exaggeration….. but, success, I needn’t of worried.  He loved the foot hygiene cream, he enjoyed the foot massage that he got in the process, and the results were fantastic.  He actually said ‘Mumble my feet feel supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ WOW (he has practised saying that word for ages bless him).  I felt like we’d hit the jackpot.  The condition of his feet improved, including his nails! What a huge result and a major breakthrough for our autism family. Then one night he said ‘Let’s do the Dabbs Mumble’ as he did the dance move and said ‘Go on then where’s the cream?!’ So that’s what he called it, we all did, from that moment on!

That was it.  ‘Doing the Dabbs’ nightly became routine.  We were sold as a family on the brand, so we got the foot lotion, hand serum, and hygiene cream in supersize versions!  We thought we’re onto a winner!  Winner winner chicken dinner 😉 The foot lotion was another gorgeous product with lemon myrtle, so delicate it woke up your senses, and was silky smooth and fresh to apply.  The smell sent me back in time to the sweet shop down the road as a kid buying a bag of sherbet lemon pips, and lots of memories came flooding back.  The hand serum was so cooling, fresh, and was instantly absorbed into my hands, I’ve got a thing about hand creams, and this smelt divine.


So, I cannot praise and thank this brand and Margaret enough.  It has made such a huge difference literally transforming our feet into refurbished versions.  Everyones’ time is precious to them in their own way, and as the mother of a son on the autism spectrum, quite literally every second in your day counts.  To find something like this to be accepted by CH and have a positive effect was literally a gem.  It might not sound huge to you, but to us it was progress.  It’s also allowed me to have that tiny bit of me time every night, whereby although I’m treating my feet, I’m pampering them too, and it makes me feel good, I look forward to it.  You see I can justify spending the time using the products as they have a valid purpose, and our feet are transformed into ‘happy feet’.

So now every night, as part of bedtime, we announce ‘Let’s go CH are you ready to do the Dabbs?!’ and he loves it.  It’s a key part of his night time routine and he accepts it. And yes, he does the Dabbs move each time, every night, just before I put the cream on his feet.  Precious!

I would truly recommend it, it’s worth spending the time and money to try it.  If you have fussy children, on the autism spectrum, or not, or anyone for that matter, wanting to treat your feet, then give it a try Margaret Dabbs – QVC

So, here’s to you Margaret Dabbs, praise from me, as an autism Mum, and especially our son CH, a huge thank you.  He specifically wanted me to tell you, Margaret, about him doing the Dabbs nightly; recognition from him like this is gold dust!  Doing the Dabbs in our family is more than a dance move 🙂

Well, it’s time to say goodnight for now, the usual bedtime routine is ahead, and of course with that it’s time for our CH to ‘Do the Dabbs’ 🙂



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